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At Kyna Insurance we are experts in motor insurance. Car insurance in Spain is mandatory for all cars and vehicles, even if they are off the road.

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Range of Policies

Our range of policies can be customised to meet your individual circumstances.

No Claims Discount

Drivers that have no claims are eligible for earning a discount of up to 65%.

Processing of Fines

Our team will also help with processing your fines, should you receive any.

Policy Discounts

Discounts for clients who have more than one insurance policy with us.

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Our Motor Insurance benefits include:

Basic cover

The Basic Cover policy includes protection against:

Levels of Cover

We can also provide you with the following additions for your insurance:

Policy Additions

We provide you with the following different levels of cover for your insurance:

Third Party Cover

Covers the damage caused to third parties caused by your car and includes roadside assistance.

Third Party Cover with Fire & Glass

Mandatory civil liability cover, defence and claim of damages, travel assistance and additional guarantees in the case of fire and moons.

Third Party Cover with Fire & Theft

In addition to mandatory civil liability, defence and claim of damages and travel assistance, you are guaranteed protection in the case of theft and fire.

All Risk Insurance

In addition to all of the above protections, you will be protected for any eventuality you might have with your vehicle. Contact us for a full breakdown

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor insurance is legally required in Spain for all vehicles and trailers entering the country. If you do not have any cover in place, you can face a hefty fine and even a prison sentence in some scenarios. It is also important to ensure you are always carrying your insurance document with you at all times when you are driving. You can also face a fine if you do not have the document with you.

Yes, drivers in Spain are liable to pay an annual road tax. It must be paid on the 1st of January every year at your local town hall or via direct debit. It is called ‘Impuesto Sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica (IVTM)’.

Yes, in Spain you can pay for your car insurance in monthly instalments or annually in one payment. It is often a lot cheaper to pay in one instalment.

Yes, in Spain it’s possible to name other drivers, such as young family members, on your insurance policy. However, this can make your premium more expensive, so it is important to consider whether the younger driver should take out their own policy.

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