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Kyna Insurance offers clients the best house insurance policies in Spain. Whether it is for your holiday home or permanent residence in Spain, it’s important to consider the level of protection you need.  

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Spanish Home Insurance benefits include:

Basic cover

This policy guarantees security inside and outside your home.

A Basic Policy includes:

Plus Cover

This policy includes everything from the Basic Policy plus the following:

Premium Cover

The most complete protection in home insurance.

This policy includes everything from the Basic Policy and the Plus Policy and the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

When taking out Spanish home insurance, the first decision you must make is what type of policy you want. Kyna Insurance can offer you three types of insurance; basic, plus or premium protection.

Yes, you can also add accidental home risk, extra cover on your valuables and cover for dangerous animal protection to your Spanish home insurance.

A professional can work in your home for up to three hours to repair or improve your house. This can include; placement of accessories in your kitchen or bathroom, replacing taps or assembling furniture.

This cover includes telephone or online help to assist you when setting up applications and operating system configurations. It also includes the travel costs and first hour of work of a computer technician, if you require one to come to your home.

It is only mandatory to take out home insurance if you have a mortgage for your property. The bank that is providing you with the mortgage might make it compulsory for you to take out home insurance.

Our team can advise you on the details and the costs of different home insurance policies. We would recommend our clients to take out home insurance, for security and peace of mind. It can save you a lot of money in the future by taking out a home insurance policy.

There are certain types of cover for those who rent out their Spanish property. These policies cover you if a tenant damages your property or you need representation to evict a tenant. A home insurance policy tailored for landlords can prove to save you a lot of money if you plan to rent out your Spanish property.

You can opt to have building insurance, contents cover, or both included in your premium. Building cover insures the structure and the fixtures, it is based on the insurable value of your property. This value is not the same as the market value of your property, as it does not include the land your property is on. It is based on what it would cost to rebuild your property, not what it would cost to buy the property new.

Content insurance covers all personal belongings in the home. Anything that is not part of the property’s structure of fixtures. It includes such things as art, jewellery, computers and furniture.

Your premium will depend on how secure your property is. So if you have strong doors, shutters and an alarm – this will reflect in the price of your premium.

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