Pet Insurance in Spain

It can be very expensive when our pets are ill, need surgery or are involved in an accident. At Kyna Insurance, we provide the best pet insurance policies in Spain. We want to help ensure you that your pet receives the very best treatment.

Why choose us for your Pet Insurance in Spain?

Best Treatment

We ensure your pets receive the very best treatment when sick or in need of surgery.

Phone Helpline

Pet insurance phone helpline - offers assistance, information, advice and legal aid.

Custom Policies

Our insurance partners will build you a custom plan tailored to your specific needs.

European Coverage

Bringing your pet on holiday? Our policies include cover for anywhere in Europe.

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Pet Insurance Policy

We offer extensive pet insurance, which includes the following benefits:

Cover for Third Party, Public Liability and Damages

Our insurance policies cover all physical and material damage caused by your pet up to €300,000.

Missing Pet Service

Should your pet go missing we will help you find them. This includes the cost of locating your pet and accommodation.

Illness, Accident or Death of your pet

Our team will ensure your pet gets the best veterinary care or in the event of death, we will ensure any expenses are covered.

European Coverage

Cover for your pet anywhere in Europe.

Stolen Cover

In the unfortunate scenario that your pet has been stolen, we offer special cover for this difficult situation.

Legal Advice

Our policy provides an advice service and legal assistance via our pet insurance phone helpline.

Loyalty Discount

We value loyalty! If you are a client of ours for any other insurance premium, you will earn a 5% discount for an additional insurance policy.


Our insurance partners provide a helpline in a variety of languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like us, our pets can get sick or have an accident. However, unlike us they are not able to receive medical help in Spain from the national health service for free. Private healthcare for our pets is the only option if we want compensation for our pets medical bills.

Vet bills in Spain can be very expensive. HomeFinance Spain advise our clients to take out Pet insurance for their pets so they have complete peace of mind.

No, our pet insurance covers other useful additions. Financial help if your pet is lost, accommodation costs are covered for your pet if you have to go into hospital, legal advice and pet funeral costs are all included. 

Yes, your pet insurance benefits are covered throughout Europe.

Yes, your pet insurance cover includes telephone assistance. This includes an Information Service, Advisory Service and Legal Assistance helpline. 

Yes, Kyna Insurance values loyalty. You will receive a 5% discount on your pet insurance if you already have another policy with us.

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