Save on your Car Insurance in Spain

Want to save money on your car insurance? Of course you do! Clients can make substantial savings by following our tips when taking out motor vehicle insurance. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few ways you can save money on your car insurance premiums in Spain. So let’s dive right in!
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Do I have to take out car insurance in Spain?

Car insurance is legally required for all vehicles entering Spain. Certain car insurance policies are mandatory in Spain by law, while others are chosen by drivers to get more protection for their car.

6 Money-saving tips for your Spanish motor insurance

Below are our six top tips to help you save on your car insurance in Spain.

1. Pay for your car insurance premium annually

Opting to pay for your car insurance in Spain in one single payment works out a lot cheaper. Interest is applied to monthly payments, as the money is not in the bank yet. The extra money is also used to cover the administration work involved in processing monthly instalments. If you can pay annually instead of in monthly instalments, we recommend you do.

2. Young drivers on your policy

Putting a young person in your family as a second driver on a car insurance policy may seem like the cheaper option. However, if there is an accident and the insurance company can prove that the young person is in fact the main driver, the claim can be declared void. It may be cheaper in the long run for the young person to take out their own policy for peace of mind.

3. Consider fully comprehensive car insurance

Before you decide on third-party cover, check to see what the extras included in a fully comprehensive policy are. It can work out a lot cheaper to have insurance that covers more, especially if you have an expensive car and cannot afford to replace it. For example, if your windscreen breaks or cracks, it can be an expensive extra which could be included in a comprehensive car insurance policy.

4. Buy a car with a smaller engine

Buying a car with a smaller engine can result in a cheaper car insurance premium. Claims in Spain tend to be more frequent than other countries, such as the UK, meaning that the odds of having to claim are higher.

So, if you have an expensive car with a big engine coupled with the odds of you making a claim being higher – this results in high premiums. Therefore, buying a car with a small engine is a wise decision for reducing your motor insurance premiums.

5. Take out more than one policy with the same insurance provider

Take out more than one policy with the same insurance provider
If you need home and car insurance, taking out two policies with the same insurance provider can give you a substantial discount.

At Kyna Insurance we offer a 10% discount to clients who take out more than one policy with us! Did you know we can provide you with home, health, life and pet insurance too?

6. Installing car security equipment

Ensuring your car is well protected is an excellent way to lower your car insurance premium. There are a lot of great options on the market, including car alarms, anti-theft and tracking systems, which all lower the risk of your vehicle being stolen or broken into. When shopping for a new car, it may be beneficial to find one which already has these features.

Over to you...

We hope you have found these tips useful for saving money on your car insurance in Spain. Picking the right motor vehicle insurance is very important when you move to Spain, as finding adequate cover can be difficult and time consuming.

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